Software engineers
Gilzor is a global provider of a turnkey
product development service for
small & medium businesses
in Poland, Germany, the United States and Cyprus.
Gilzor is a European provider
startup product development
product engineering
with offices
in Poland, Germany, Canada and Cyprus.


recurring customers


projects launched


customers' growth in 5 months

7+ years

of cooperation with SMBs and startups

2 weeks

max to start development

Tattoos we made growing with clients

Software engineers
Software engineers
The owner of a product truly owns it when they have a transparent evaluation of work on it, see and understand all user stories and deadlines.
Software engineers
The product does not benefit from working in a fixed form in the long run because it leads to a demotivated and overburdened team.
Software engineers
The team success is measured by clients achieve their goals. The goals are in focus while experience, methodologies, processes, languages are tools.
Software engineers
Not only technical, but business goals of the project makes matter. The security and confidence are cornerstone elements providing the clients business success.
Software engineers
We bring the predictiveness in projects through accuracy in estimating projects, open and fair communications.
Software engineers

And team that builds products

iOS Software engineer
Family man
Ocean Lover
Android Software engineer
QA Lead
Outdoor Enthusiast
Sports Lover
Quality assuarance engineers
Mobile Lead (iOS + Android)
Artificial intelligence is his master
Workout Enthusiast
Software engineers
iOS Lead
Bulldogs Owner
Interested in IoT devices and 3D printing
Product UI/UX designer
Android lead
Adores snowboarding
Likes to play escape rooms
Product UI/UX designer
Football player
One day achieved the “Gladiator” title in the World of Warcraft
Backend engineer
Adores maths
Languages learner
Loves musical instruments
AI/ML Software engineer
Project manager
Knows all the best spots
to get hot chocolate
Dying to visit The International
Software engineer
Product marketing Lead
Loves experiments
Dreams of writing a bestseller on IT marketing
Product UI/UX designer
UI/UX Design Lead
Coffee lover
Asked for a photo of the goose on the website
Product UI/UX designer
Skilled Guitar player
Devoted fan of fantasy literature
Software engineer

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