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Whether you're pioneering the next big thing in retail, scaling up your services, or reimagining the digital marketplace, our team is here to transform your vision into reality.
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E-commerce software development
E-commerce software development
E-commerce software development

Business issues we solve

Our software development service addresses these pain points by introducing efficiency, innovation, and security, enabling you to focus on what you do best — growing your business.
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customer experience
Custom Software Development
Reduce costs on
Custom Software Development
inventory operations
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order and delivery management
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Custom Software Development
abandoned purchases
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Employ AI to
conversion into order
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Make loyalty programs efficient and
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the complexity of
cross-border sales and more

By partnering with Gilzor

Startups and SMBs not just getting a service

but investing in a future where

E-commerce software development

Automated Marketing for More Sales

We use smart automation to keep our products in front of customers, driving sales effortlessly.

Synced Departments with Automated Processes

Our automated systems ensure every department works together smoothly, speeding up operations and cutting down on delays.

Leading with the Latest Tech

We embrace advanced technology to stay ahead, using AI and innovative solutions to outpace competitors.

Personalized Customer Experiences

We tailor shopping experiences to each customer, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
E-commerce software development

Sales Growth with AI and User-Friendly Designs

Our intuitive interfaces and AI-driven recommendations simplify shopping, boosting sales.
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Hear It from Those Who've Made the Leap

E-commerce software development
“Gilzor successfully delivered a fully functional solution with all the required features within schedule. They ensured excellent project management and were highly attentive to the client's feedback.”
E-commerce software development

Alex Chist

Founder, A C Projects
“Gilzor has delivered the app with all the necessary features, including a complex filter system and multilingual environment functionality. They've ensured transparent project management and offered regular demos and updates. Their proactivity, responsiveness, and positive attitude are commendable.”
E-commerce software development
Marlon Meuters
software development services

e-Commerce services for startups & SMBs

E-commerce software development

Retail Software Solutions

Boost sales and get to know your business better with Gilzor's retail software. We make sure physical stores shine online, offering full support and expert advice every step of the way.
E-commerce software development

E-Commerce Platform Switch

Thinking about moving your online store to a new platform? Gilzor's team can make the switch smooth, ensuring you don't lose any data and end up with a more modern, efficient site.
E-commerce software development

Custom E-Commerce Builds

Turn your online store dreams into reality with Gilzor. We craft unique online shopping experiences that drive growth and success.
E-commerce software development

Marketplace Creation

We're pros at building digital marketplaces that meet your specific needs, combining the best practices with a personal touch.
E-commerce software development

Web Development for E-Commerce

Elevate your online store with our web development services, from consulting to design and beyond.
E-commerce software development

Mobile App Development for E-Commerce

Bring your store into the palm of your customers' hands with our mobile app development, offering everything from initial design to final launch.

Ready to Revolutionize Your E-Commerce Business?

Embrace the change that propels you ahead. Reach out to us today, and let's start crafting your success story.
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E-commerce software development

E-commerce development FAQ

How much does it cost to develop an e-Commerce project?

The cost to develop your app can change based on how complicated your project is, what kind of e-commerce platforms you're using, and the design of your e-commerce website. Prices for basic web projects begin at $15,000. Drop us a line to get a primary estimate from our e-commerce development team tailored to your needs.

How long does e-commerce development take?

It depends on the scope of your project. For startups an MVP development with a core feature will take 3 months. To develop a corporate software to automate your entire processes, we recommend building a comprehensive but minimum solution that will allow you to improve as soon as possible. It may take from 3 to 6 months.
How do you ensure apps offer highly personalized experiences, like in loyalty programs, recommendations, and support?
We use sophisticated logic and AI algorithms to create a system that analyzes users' behaviors and uncovers patterns. Based on these insights, the system automatically generates personalized offers and tailors the details of loyalty programs, ensuring they align with our financial business goals. This means we're not just guessing what you might like or need; we're using smart tech to make sure our offers and support are as relevant and helpful to you as possible.
Are you using machine learning and virtual reality?
Yes, depending on your needs, deadlines and budget, we either select specialized algorithms with open APIs or train our own model.