Business process automation services for SMB

Need to reduce the cost of running your business? We’ll help you digitize workflows, automate processes and remove weaknesses.
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40–72 hours/m

saved by a single employee


revenue growth achieved by our clients


human errors reduced


reduced operating costs


improved NPS

Achieve advantages through business process automation

Custom Software Development
Improve Operational Efficiency and Accuracy
Automate processes to enhance task management, transparency, and minimize errors
Custom Software Development
Enhance Customer Engagement and Sales
Create a website or mobile app with CRM automation, loyalty programs, and gamification strategies
Custom Software Development
Streamline Communication and Decision-making
Implement effective communication, knowledge transfer, project tracking, and automated reporting across all company levels
Custom Software Development
Stay Ahead of the Competition
Identify risks, market trends, and generate insights using forecasting systems and data analysis
Custom Software Development
Boost Customer Support and Efficiency
Utilize an AI chatbot to provide 24/7 customer support and establish on-request processing
Custom Software Development
Centralize Data and Simplify Workflows
Access files and documents quickly with centralized data storage and ensure security with role-based permissions
Custom Software Development
Prevent Equipment Failures and Optimize Maintenance
Implement IoT-based equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance, and instant notifications
Custom Software Development
Automate HR Processes
Improve recruitment, onboarding, staff upskilling, and training with HRM software and corporate e-learning systems
Custom Software Development
Maximize Hardware Capabilities with Software Integration
Manage and control hardware using IoT software expertise
Custom Software Development
Protect Data from Fraud and Maintain Reputation
Prevent safe transactions and monitor user behavior to safeguard your business

Digitize business processes with ease


Get a Proof of Concept (PoC) for your product idea and gain a clear understanding of the estimated budget required to bring it to life.


Try out workflow software as development goes. Collect feedback from employees and improve the solution every 1-3 weeks with the Agile approach.

Outdated system modernization

Upgrade your system to meet the needs of users and stay competitive. Migrate to new technologies for smooth performance, high availability, and security.
Case Studies

See how our clients took advantage of business automation

A system for order fulfillment control

A pizzeria had late delivery issues leading to money losses of $12,000+ per month.
A mobile app for couriers that provides order details and builds routes. Process visibility achieved via courier location and order status tracking.

by 7%

Late deliveries reduced

by 23%

User satisfaction improved

An online coffee machine renting service

Missed profit and customer churn due to new leaders entering the Israeli coffee machine renting market.
Web and mobile apps that include order placement, status tracking, a loyalty program, support chat, and payments. Go-to-market assistance.

by 24%

Increase in the number of orders

by 37%

Increase customer satisfaction
Tech stack

Technologies we use

Back-end development

Node.js frameworks (Nest.js, Express, TypeORM, Sequelize)
Python frameworks (FastAPI, Django)
Infrastructure Services (HAProxy, NGINX, NATS, Lambda Functions, RabbitMQ, NATS, SQS)

Front-end development

Redux Toolkit

Mobile app development

React Native

Quality assurance

Android Studio

Databases & Storages

Amazon S3


GitHub Actions

What Business Owners frequently ask

What if I'm on a tight budget?

If you’re on a tight budget, you should make small steps and choose a milestone-based approach toward full automation. To help you meet a budget and maximize ROI, we’ll outline a strategy with digital transformations divided into iterations. You’ll enjoy the results after the first iteration and can continue the project when having more money.

How do I choose a business automation solution?

Solution choice depends on client purposes, resources, and company nature. A medium-sized business, for instance, is likely to benefit from cloud migration or workflow software development. However, this may be costly for a small company. 
To help you choose the best solution, we clarify your goals, estimate the scope of activities, and set priorities. We also take into account the timeline and budget.

What cutting-edge technologies do you use?

Our team employs AI and IoT technologies to streamline manual, repetitive, and routine workflows, eliminating human errors and cutting labor costs.

What is the process of building a business automation solution?

We analyze your requirements to get a clear vision of redundancies, inefficiencies, and opportunities. As a deliverable, the client receives a solution roadmap with a documented functionality scope, use cases, and cost estimation.
UI/UX design
In 2 weeks, we develop a clickable prototype and discuss it with you, making improvements according to your feedback. Finally, we create a UI/UX design enjoyed by end users and clear for engineers. So, they start building a digital solution without wasting time on clarifications.
Solution development
Implementing new functionality every 1–2 weeks, our engineers create a business automation solution. By setting up a CI/CD pipeline, we reduce the feature release cycle from a month to a week.
Quality assurance
We start testing right on the way to deliver a great user experience even on intermediate demos. Our QA professionals prevent potential bottlenecks like performance and security problems.
Support & Maintenance
Delivering post-launch support and maintenance, we provide smooth operation of your workflow software solution. Our developers introduce new features and updates, instantly fixing arising issues if any.

How much time does it take to start a project?

As a rule, we start building a business digitization project 2 weeks after the initial discussion.

How do you ensure process transparency?

You will receive detailed reports (tasks, statuses, time spent on each activity, due dates) daily. We’ll also hold regular meetings with you to discuss project issues. In addition, we’ll provide access to a time-tracking system.

How does project cooperation go?

1. First contact
Fill out a contact form and describe your idea. We’ll get back to you to agree on a call or an in-person meeting.
Contact us
2. Discovery
We process requirements, including the aim, timeline, and budget. Our experts arrange a plan and formulate an approximate work scope.
3. Business analysis
Our BA analyzes end-user needs and competitors to find the best way to bring your vision to life. Then, we prepare a technical specification with wireframes and use cases.
4. Delivery roadmap
We create a roadmap that involves a task list, deadlines, and priorities. We also make time and cost estimates.
5. Solution delivery
We hold regular calls and show the outcome of each 1–3 week sprint to assure you and our team are on the right track.