Mobile applications

for a

Pizzeria Chain


less late deliveries & money losses


growth of orders in 3 months


higher NPS among customers
Native Mobile Applications
Kotlin for Android
Swift for iOS

the client

The pizza chain has a presence in a European city with a population of 3 million. To make a mark in a tough market, the pizzeria offers something special: delivery in 45 minutes, or customers get their pizza free.


Custom Software Development
Build mobile apps with navigation, tracking, and photo capture for precise delivery records.
Custom Software Development
Implement advanced analytics to predict courier needs and allocate resources efficiently.
Custom Software Development
Integrate real-time tracking with traffic and weather updates for accurate delivery estimates.
Custom Software Development
Develop an algorithm to assign orders to couriers based on factors like order time and distance.
Custom Software Development
Create a photo platform with timestamps and location data for transparency and accountability.


This awesome selling point got more people ordering but there were problems with shady delivery guys. Some of the pizza joint's couriers would falsely report late deliveries to pocket cash from customers. The founders aimed to stamp out fraud, reduce late deliveries, and maintain the pizzeria chain's unique value proposition.
Solution Development

Discovery Phase

Discovery phase involved defining the needs, scope, and timeline through a detailed Business Requirement Document (BRD).
The most challenging aspect was integrating two different apps for various user segments and devices—a web app for administration and mobile apps for couriers.


Custom Software Development
Vision and Scope,
Custom Software Development
User Story mapping,
Custom Software Development
Business Requirement Documentation,
Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development
Product Development Roadmap.


In the product design phase, we crafted user-friendly interfaces for web and mobile apps. Overcoming challenges like complex data visualization and feature integration, we created intuitive designs with interactive elements and modular layouts.
Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Applications Functionality

The iOS and Android mobile apps were created to be used by couriers.

Efficient Routing

Navigate and estimate the best routes to destinations.

Real-Time Tracking

Track the locations of all upcoming orders on the map.

Photo Capture

Take photos with precise time and location details.

Order Status Updates

Report order statuses to managers.

Schedule Management

Manage delivery schedules seamlessly.

Delivery Time 

Calculate delivery times based on zones.

Client Information Access

Access details including payment methods, promo codes, and more.
Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Apps Tech Stack


Kotlin (Android)
Swift (iOS)


Android Studio

Assistive Technology

Camera APIs
Web Application Development

Web App Functionality

The Web application was created for the pizzeria administration.

Shift Courier Quantity

Access information about the number of couriers working during a shift.

Order and Location Visualization

Visualize orders and their locations for easy understanding.

Real-Time Delivery Monitoring

Monitor delivery statuses in real-time.

Courier Performance Tracking

Track courier statistics, including performance metrics.

Performance Analytics

Analyze courier performance, identifying trends like order quantity and busiest locations to optimize resource allocation.

Payment Tracking and Accounting

Track payments and manage accounting for the selected pizzeria.
Web Application Development

Web App Tech Stack





Assistive Technology

Maps API
Backend Development

Backend Functionality

Courier Statistics and Performance

Includes monitoring and tracking individual courier performance, and collecting data on delivery times and success rates.

Photo Capture and Storage

Automatically capturing and storing delivery photos with accurate timestamps and location data. Ensuring photo integrity to prevent fraudulent activities.

Order Distribution

Access information about the number of couriers working during a shift.

Data Processing

Collecting and processing data from mobile apps used by couriers. Organizing and presenting relevant information in Web Applications for Administrators.

Route Planning

Designing an algorithm for optimal route planning considering various variables. Calculating delivery routes that minimize time and distance.
Backend Development

Backend Tech Stack







Assistive Technology

Real-time tracking APIs
Solution Development

Quality Assurance

We conducted manual testing for both front-end and back-end, which only took up 15% of the development time, compared to the typical 20-25%.

Dew Tools
Solution Development

Time & Human Resources





by 7%

The Pizzeria Chain slashed losses from late deliveries in just 3 months.

by 28%

Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics improved NPS.
Reduced delivery times and increased order fulfilment per courier.


Overall growth of orders in 3 months.