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Web and Mobile application for Airlines

The app was developed to automate passenger boarding, optimizing baggage measurement, services, and speed.
The solution helped improve efficiency, save staff time, and enhance flight operations.

Mobile application for Grocery shops

The eco-friendly solution was developed for managing purchases, reducing waste and pollution.
Now the app aggregates 700+ stores, saving up to 50% on food costs. Retailers solved disposal issues, increased revenue through turnover, and reduced expired products.

A mobile app to develop brain functions

In 2 months, we developed a mobile app for iOS and Android that improved cognitive functions through tailored games, puzzles, and tests.
The app attracted 1000+ uploads in both markets within the 1st month, got positive user reviews, and filled a market niche.

Android application for FinTech industry

The Customer needed help with their Android financial app, which was incomplete and facing crucial issues.
Our team redesigned the app's architecture, rewrote the network layer, revamped the UI structure and developed new features. The product attracted additional investments within 2 months.

IOS Application for Flight Tracking

We revamped the app, previously launched by another team, by changing the architecture, resolving performance issues, fixing bugs, and redesigning it.
Within just three months of cooperation, the app's revenue started flowing, and after a year, it grew 3x.

Ios Solution for the mental health improvement

We delivered a remote patient monitoring & tracking tool that helps to improve one’s mental health.
There’s a range of stickers that gather info about a patient’s heart rate & breath parameters and based on this recommends exercises to calm down and stay relaxed.

iOS and Android application for healthcare industry

A mobile application that analyzes COVID tests and gives an unambiguous result.
The application was delivered on time with a minimal number of post-production bugs revealed. As a result, medical institutions claimed their testing capacity increased by 10%. The level of human errors decreased by 15%.

Optimizing and controlling delivery for a Pizzeria Chain

In just 3.5 months, we launched an MVP of web app and native mobile apps on Android and iOS to optimize and control the work of pizza couriers.
The solution reduced late deliveries and money losses by 7%, increased courier app adoption, and improved customer satisfaction.

Fire Tracking custom mobile app

We developed an iOS app to provide timely fire alerts and data worldwide. The user-friendly app integrates wind patterns, weather forecasts, and fire locations.
With over 5,000 installs, it offers a unique solution for fire tracking and emergency notifications.

Redesigning and modernizing an Online Pharmacy mobile app

We modernized an online pharmacy app, resolving tech issues and adding features like user authentication, product search, payment options, and more.
This led to a 59% sales boost, 13% increase in items per order, and 5.5 million satisfied customers within a year.

Automating job search on job marketplaces

Spinah is our in-house product designed to automate job searches on platforms like Upwork. We aimed to enhance lead matching, complex filtering, and communication.
Through a client-server application, we successfully reduced job search time by up to 8X, increased relevant leads by 37%, and boosted sales by 20%.

Magmaset – a single tool for managing all projects’ tasks for SaaS and Project Companies

The platform developed to address the shortcomings of existing tools. It covers everything from tracking time to coordinating teams, handling invoices, and financial reporting.
The tool is already used by our team and clients.

System for a Private School

This transformative platform integrates native mobile apps, web applications, and advanced technologies.
It was launched to enhance a private school's performance, engagement, and sales, resulting in an 8% enrollment increase, 20% rise in student performance, and 32% higher sales of additional sections.

Medical Lab Web and Native Mobile Applications

The solution, led by a visionary founder, connects patients, doctors, and phlebotomists through native iOS and Android apps, web interfaces, and a robust backend system.
It significantly expanded the client base, increased test requests by 10%, and raised reapplying patients by 12%.

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