Custom software development & Go-to-Market strategy for early-stage startups

Launch a product that fits user needs
and brings you revenue.
Launch a product that fits user
needs and brings you revenue.
Aim to quickly make an MVP, test hypotheses, and raise funds? Whatever your goals are, we’ll help achieve them.


products delivered on time


startup products developed


million raised by our customers


serial founders returned to build the next startup

3x MRR

growth by 64% of our clients in 3–5 months
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Eliminate the Headaches of Startup Development

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Conduct business analysis

Obtain a clear vision of the market and competitors, polish the monetization strategy, create appealing pitches to raise funds. Get a realistic roadmap for risk-free product delivery from scratch.
Developers for startup

Validate your startup idea

Сonfirm idea validity in numbers (waiting list, costs per user, conversion rate) to convince potential investors.
Developers for startup

Verify that your idea is feasible with PoC

Check a technical implementation of the bravest product ideas before startup development.
Developers for startup

Focus on your business needs

Don’t waste time on team management and control. Our PM will provide you with weekly sprint updates and all the reports needed.
Developers for startup

Ensure to get the results on time

Get the correct estimation of your project and have a roadmap of all the development steps.
Developers for startup

Design a prototype

Receive a tangible visualization of your product and gather early feedback from users or investors.
Developers for startup

Develop an MVP

Get the first users cheaper and faster with an MVP, built in 3–6 months. Find a product-market fit, then scale the solution and start getting revenue.
Developers for startup

Perform quality assurance

Make sure that your product works correctly. Due to well-established development processes, only 5% of “to QA” tasks are returned to developers to improve.
Developers for startup

Outline a go-to-market strategy

Once the product is ready, let’s acquire users starting with a go-to-market strategy and an acquisition plan.
Custom Software Development

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Our benefits

Scale your startup idea with:



1–2 weeks to assemble a startup development team. In 1–3 weeks, startups get UI/UX prototypes and MVPs — in 3 months.


Right focus

Want to build an MVP or a digital product as fast and cheap as possible & launch your business? We are here to help you define the MVP scope & achieve your goals.


Smart pricing

We understand that early-stage startups are limited with support. We don’t overcode & use smart solutions to meet the development budget.


Deep industry experience

With 70+ products in our portfolio, we have vast expertise in building startups for EdTech, FinTech, Healthcare, E-commerce, Entertainment, and Hospitality. Check our portfolio.


Efficient communication

Having offices in Poland, Cyprus, and Germany (opening soon), we ensure at least a 4-hour overlap with clients regardless of time zones.



We promptly assemble an Agile team and extend it on demand. Starting small, you’ll scale a team according to project needs.
Tech stack

Technologies we use

Back-end development


Front-end development

Redux Toolkit

Mobile app development

React Native



Quality assurance

Android Studio


Amazon EKS
GitHub Actions

What Startup Founders frequently ask

How much does it cost to build a startup product?

The total startup development cost depends on various factors that involve project scale (the number and complexity of features) and the time it takes to release a software product.
The major factor influencing the price is the salaries of IT experts. Gilzor charges $35–$50 per hour depending on the experience of developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and QAs. The potential cost savings may amount to 3–4x from US-based software engineering companies.

What is the process from an idea to product launch?

Ideation & Planning
We discuss a startup idea with you and clarify the vision and requirements. Then, we research the audience’s needs and compare competitors. As a deliverable, startups get a documented features scope and use cases, product development roadmap, designed monetization model, product unique value proposition, and buyer personas.
UI/UX design
Once the feature scope and use cases are ready, we put them into a dynamic prototype. We'll discuss the prototype with you and make improvements according to your feedback. Finally, we develop an intuitive UI/UX design loved by users and clear for engineers. So, they start development without wasting time on clarifications.
MVP development
MVP startup development is based on the feature release cycle every 1–3 weeks. By enabling a CI/CD pipeline, our engineers automate development, testing, and deployment.
Quality assurance
We start testing right on the way to deliver a great user experience even on intermediate demos. Our QA team prevents potential bottlenecks like performance issues and security vulnerabilities.
Support & Maintenance
Delivering post-launch support and maintenance, we provide smooth operation of your startup product. Our developers introduce new features and updates according to end-user feedback.

What experts do I need to have on my team?

A startup development team is typically composed of a business analyst, UI/UX designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, QA engineer, and project manager. Depending on product specifics, you may need to involve other experts, for example, an AI/ML engineer, a solution architect, etc.

How much time does it take to assemble a team?

We assemble a startup development team in 1–2 weeks.

How does project cooperation go?

1. First contact
Fill out a contact form and describe your project idea. We’ll get back to you to agree on an online or in-person meeting.
Contact us
2. Discovery
We process the requirements, including the objective, timeline, and budget. Our experts arrange a plan and formulate an approximate work scope.
3. Business analysis
Our BA analyzes competitors to find the best way to bring your vision to life. Then, we prepare wireframes and use cases.
4. Delivery roadmap
We create a roadmap that involves a task list, deadlines, and priorities. We also make time and cost estimates.
5. Product delivery
We hold regular calls and show the outcome of each 1–3 week sprint to assure you and our team are on the right track.
6. Launch
We celebrate the launch day with you and prepare for the second stage of creating your business — acquiring users and getting their feedback!